At the edge of eternity

This past week in the Netherlands I was a guest member of the teen Bible camp run by the missionaries. It was a mentally and physically tiring week, but it was so worth it to get to be with these incredible teens and staff members. Thursday night we ended with a campfire song and testimony... Continue Reading →

Love that overcomes

Does it ever occur to you that the foundation of the story of the world is love? Love was carried on the breath of God as He spoke the world into being. He formed each aspect of it with tender care. Love was perfect bliss in the garden of Eden, as God walked with man.... Continue Reading →

Lovesong to a dying world

Shalom: A Hebrew word translated as peace, but with a broader meaning that carries the idea of wholeness, of perfect completeness, "as things were meant to be." God, be our rest. In this world of broken shalom, You are the one who is constant. Whole. As things are meant to be. You placed the longing... Continue Reading →

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