The life of the unexpected

{Forest Glen Bible Camp, Nova Scotia} It's a Saturday afternoon. I should be at work. I'm not because I'm quite sick. Instead, I've spent the day sitting weakly in this squishy brown chair, coughing my lungs out and trying not to move too much so my muscles won't ache as badly. I just reached the... Continue Reading →

“Your words can change the world”

It's that time of year when the school year is drawing to a close. Programs are winding down, and schedules are changing. Tomorrow is the end-of-year party for our homeschool co-op. It's a bittersweet moment. Because of how school is shaping up for me, it's looking like I'm not going back to co-op next year.... Continue Reading →

Beauty & wonder

What I love most about photography is its ability to show the world in a whole new way. When I am taking pictures, I'm looking at things differently. I'm looking for the beauty. In faces, in arrangements of things, in nature, in lighting. I'm looking at it with an eye to appreciate, and to show... Continue Reading →

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